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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ruckus - The Vexing by Meladi McNair

Ruckus-The Vexing
It can happen anywhere.......
Fourteen year old Parise Roberts has the perfect suburban life most teenagers dream of. A cool car, an even cooler mom, and a best friend whose potential is being monitored by top Olympic Recruiters. All of this, along with Parise’s own hopeful future as a journalist is obliterated by a single hate crime. A hate crime so atrocious that it alters her life forever. 
Soon, a swanky Parise is forced into an unstable life in a less than stellar community.
Luckily for her, a very sweet (and equally aggressive) adolescent takes Parise under her wing. Parise is immediately introduced to the girl’s family and is taught how to build a parallel life to the one she once had. The only problem with this “parallel” life is that it includes activities that Parise’s self-appointed guardian, Detective Rodd Stevens, would not approve of.
At the tender age of fifteen, Parise learns how to deceive, achieve, and relieve herself of her agony. Her favorite method of choice in alleviating pain becomes revenge.
Having garnered the underground connections necessary to do so, Parise and her new family successfully renders vengeance for the fallen. However, it isn’t long before Parise finds herself going tit-for-tat with the very bullies who started the drama that claimed her innocence. When her name becomes associated with unthinkable acts, Parise becomes desperate. But she learns that the law and the streets are unforgiving. 
Crying “wolf” is no longer effective as she has seemingly evolved from prey to predator.

This cautionary tale for teens and authority figures alike serve as entertaining, yet realistic insight at the catastrophes’ that may occur if bullying does not end.
Enter, if you dare, the mind of a bullied teen pushed too far over the edge!

Let the “Ruckus” begin.

Kindle :


Pink Lipstick & Pistols by Pinky Dior

Pink Lipstick & Pistols
Take a ride with Milan, a gorgeous young woman with a pink pistol in her possession, and her boyfriend Stakkz, who knows what Milan is capable of. When a robbery goes wrong because of Milan, they end up fleeing the scene of a homicide. They have five bricks in their possession and a chance to sell them to the Cubans for $75,000 cash. Milan's dreams of a nice house and better life for herself, Stakkz, and her family seem that much closer to coming true - if everything goes according to plan. But even the best-laid plans can go wrong. Does Milan have what it takes to come out on top?- Pink Lipstick & Pistols
UNEDITED VERSION OF PINK LIPSTICK & PISTOLS PART 2! THIS IS ALL IM POSTING FOR NOW LOL...IT'S COMING SOON! I knew the state troopers were right there standing near the window, looking inside. I stared up at the ceiling and could see his flashlight scanning the car. I tried to keep my heavy breathing, down, but my arm was killing me. I looked down and the side of my shirt was drenched with crimson blood, as the blood started to slowly cascade down my arm. My lips quivered, all I wanted to do was cry. The pain was beyond unbearable and if the state trooper wasn’t gone within the next minute, I was bound to start grimacing out loudly in pain. The only thing keeping me from screaming out loud, is my teeth that were clenched together so damn tight, I felt like my jaw was about to pop. I rolled my head over and noticed the back of the trunk door opening up. SHIT! I hope they don’t see me. I squinted my eyes trying to block out the bright white lights that were shining from another state trooper cruiser that was parked behind her. There was a tall African American descent state trooper with a hat on, standing off to the side. I hoped he didn’t see me because he started to look suspiciously at the truck, and walked over to the trunk.
The state trooper slammed the trunk. I sighed in relief as I heard the officer tell Christa that she was all set to go as he banged on the back of her trunk.
“Wait a minute,” A deep baritone voice spoke out. What the fuck? I knew it was the other state trooper. I think that motherfucker saw me, who couldn’t see me with this bright crimson blood that was stained on my white shirt, seeping through my pink hoodie. The truck opened up and the state trooper flashed the light inside the car, but he didn’t even bend down. Thank God! I thought to myself as he closed the trunk. 
“Alright mam, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” The state trooper apologized.
“No, it’s alright.” Christa said. I could feel the car pulling off, “You’re good to get up, Milan.” I grimaced as I rested my unwounded arm on the seat and managed to pull myself up and slid onto the back seat.
“Yo, I need to get this fucking bullet out of my fucking arm.” I barked, through clenched teeth, while taking another peek at the wound, the blood just kept pouring out.
“Alright, I'm about to take you to the hospital.” Christa said as she turned the corner.
“I can't go to the hospital, Christa.” I whispered in between moans, applying pressure to my arm as I stared out the front windshield.
“Remember, my mother is a doctor at Boston medical, don't worry.” Christa stated. I really didn't want to go to the hospital because I didn't want to go to jail. I stared at Christa through the rear view mirror, I trusted her to take me to the hospital without getting me bagged. 
“I trust you, Christa.” I grimaced in pain, “But I promise you if I get bagged, I will kill you.” I said with defiance. I looked out the window and noticed we were pulling up in front of Boston Medical. Christa pulled up directly in front of the hospital and hopped out. She opened up the back door, unbuckled the car seat and grabbed both of her blonde headed boys out the car and put each of them on both sides of her hips. After she got them out car, I climbed over the backseat, still holding onto my arm. I gradually walked across the concrete, the sliding doors slid open causing a breeze to hit my face and blew my hair back. I blinked quickly as the wind attacked my eyes, causing tears to form in my eyes. I followed after Christa as she made her way through the emergency room, taking off my pink hoodie which was making me hot. All eyes were focused on me, as I made my way down the corridors of the hospital, leaving trails of crimson blood on the tiled floors. 
“You can't go back there.” one of the nurses shouted as she stood up from behind her desk. Christa ignored her as she made her way down the hall quickly with her boys hanging off her hips, their heads bobbled with every swift step, their blonde hair swaying side to side. I followed behind her and stopped in my tracks in front of the secured door that was locked. I watched as Christa removed a card from her white aeropostale hoodie and swiped it, a green light blinked, and the doors opened up. I followed behind Christa, and my arm became weaker by the second. I also started to feel dizzy, I felt like I was about to fall flat out on my face, and that would not be a pretty sight. Christa stopped in her tracks, standing in the threshold of a hospital room. Her mother had removed the stethoscope around her neck and looked over and seen her daughter standing there.
“Christa, what are you doing here?” Dr. Murphy questioned.
“I need your help.” Christa stated as she placed both of her boys down on the floor.
“I'm working, Christa.” Dr. Murphy took several steps, “I'm with a patient right now,” she folded her arms across her breasts.
“Milan, needs your help.” Christa said as she stepped to the side, so her mother could get a clear view of me. 
“Oh my god! What happened Milan?” she panicked, as she rushed over to my side, “Christa, take care of this patient for me.” Dr. Murphy demanded. Christa rolled her eyes, her mother was lucky her friend was in desperate need for her help, so she didn't mind. She just got off of work not to long ago, and was already back in the hospital working. 
“I got shot,” I whimpered, as my eyes started to slowly open and close.
“Follow me,” she quickly walked down the hall, and I followed. My steps began to slowly cease as I started feeling dizzy again. I took several more steps before collapsing onto the tiled floor. 
I woke up, as my eyes fluttered open. The lights in the room were dim, and the room was cool. The last thing that I remembered was walking down the hall before losing conscious. I slowly rose up in the bed, and looked over to my right and there was my best friend, Christa. She was leaning against the threshold, with her head plopped up against the seam of the wall. She was beautiful, a bad white bitch indeed! Even after having two beautiful twin boys who were mixed with African American descent, she lost her baby weight real quick. Christa stood 5'7, long thick curly bright blonde hair, full lips like Angelina Jolie, deep blue eyes, perfectly waxed eye brows, she resembled Mariah Carey, she had a thick voluptuous body just like her. 
“How long have I been passed out for?” I questioned.
“Not that long.” she stated, “How are you feeling?” she smiled ear to ear, as she pushed her self to the side and walked into the room. I smiled and looked down at my arm that was now wrapped up. When I moved my arm it hurt, but it was worse earlier.
“I'm better now,” I stated, looking back up at her, “I'm alive right?” 
“Yeah, thank God.” Christa said as she plopped her fat ass on the edge of the hospital bed, “You scared me for a bit, I seriously thought I was going to loose my best friend.” Christa admitted, staring into my eyes. I noticed her eyes were glistening with tears. Christa was my best friend, I met her when I was in DYS (Department of Youth Services) As soon as she came in there, we clicked instantly. We kicked it, and shared our stories with each other. She told me she was selling drugs for her boyfriend when she was in school, middle school to be more specific. I was intrigued by her story. Her family was wealthy, but yet she was selling drugs. When we was in DYS she vowed to never go back, and that she was going to change her life around, and when she got out, that she did. She went to go get her GED and went to Everestt college and took up courses to be a medical assistant. I was proud of her.
“Don't worry, Christa. I'm fine and I'm not dead yet.” I assured her and added in, “I'm too young to die!” I smiled as I winked at her.
“Yeah but anything can happen.” she stated, “So what the fuck happened?” she asked, eager to know the whole ordeal.
“I was with my boyfriend, we was about to get some money and the cops appeared out of no where…things just went sour.” I stated, lowering my head.
“Where's Stakkz?” she bellowed.
“OH SHIT!” I barked, how the fuck can I forget? My man was shot. Is he dead or alive? All types of thoughts were running through my mind. I quickly got up from the bed, landing on my feet. I headed for the door, 
“Milan, where's Stakkz?” Christa asked with a conceding tone. 
“He got shot!” I turned around staring at her with tears engulfing my eyes, “I remember him lying on the floor, and he told me to leave…I didn't want to leave him but I had to.” I said, on the verge of crying, as a tear escaped the corner of my right eye.
“Milan, how are you feeling?” Dr. Murphy asked, walking in with her hands rested in white coat pocket, “Passed out for a little while.” 
“I'm good now,” I said, sighing deeply. “Do you know if they brought my boyfriend here?”
“What's his name?” she questioned.
“His full name is Shangi Williams.” I informed her, as she stood there trying to recall if she had a patient by that name.
“Wait, did he have two braids?” 
“Yes, that's him.” I smiled, “Is he okay?” I sucked on my cheek, waiting for her response. Hoping and praying my man was good. Please, please God let him be alive!
“Yes-” was the only word she could get out of her parted lips, before I quickly turned around and exited the room. I dashed down the hall and I could hear Dr. Murphy say,
“The cops are watching him!” I reached the corner, and peeked my head around the corner before being pulled back. 
“Ouch!” I grimaced in pain, as she pulled my arm back, that I got shot in. But I thank God, that she pulled be back because there was two uniformed Boston Police officers guarding his door. 
“What is going on Milan?” Dr. Murphy asked again, “Were you with him when he got shot?” Tears engulfed my eyes as I bit down on the bottom of my lip, and nodded yes.
“Milan, we have to go!” Christa said in a panicky tone, she came rushing over to us, holding onto her little boy's pulling them by the hand.
“Why what's wrong?” I questioned.
“There's two detectives-” She didn't even finish her question, before I quickly headed passed the two officers and she followed behind. I walked past the officer's who weren't even paying attention. I looked into the room and seen my gorgeous boyfriend laying on the hospital stretcher bed handcuffed to the bed. He must of felt my eyes on him, he turned his head and a blissful smile appeared on his face. I smiled back almost forgetting there was two officers in front of me. I mouthed I love you, and he mouthed back, ‘I love you too’
“Milan, let's go!” Christa barked through clenched teeth, as she nudged me forward. I continued walking and almost out the door, I look over my shoulder and notice Detective Waltz and Smith, questioning Dr. Murphy. I gulped down hard, as my heart dropped down into the pit of my stomach. Detective Smith saw me, and was standing in the middle of the corridors with his hands on his hips, watching me.
“Milan!” Christa yelled at me, as she put the boys into the car. I slowly walked back to the car, with my eyes focused on Detective Smith. He let me go. They came there looking for me, he seen me and I thought he was going to come charging down that hall any second now. “Milan! Let's fucking go!” Christa barked, still standing there with the driver’s door slightly ajar. I broke my gaze, turned around and jogged to the car. I opened the door and slid into the leather seats and looked out the window. He was still staring at me, thorough the double doors, and even closer than last time.... #STAYTUNED! PART 2 COMING SOON!

Where Did We Go Wrong? Series by Monica Mathis-Stowe

Where Did We Go Wrong?
True friends help you through the consequences of poor judgment when no one else will. Best friends Gabby, Maxine and Joy protect each other at all costs, even if it means keeping secrets that turn their lives upside down. Gabby has no boundaries when it comes to getting what she wants. She pulls out every trick in the book to keep her daughter s married father out of their lives but keep his money in her bank account...Maxine lives for her family but when her husband s excessive spending lands them in more debt than they can handle, the stress takes a toll on their perfect marriage...After Joy s loyalty to her controlling mother causes her to lose the only man she s ever loved, she marries a man she barely knows. After her wedding, she quickly realizes she made the biggest mistake of her life and it puts everybody she loves in danger. Unfortunately, someone will have to pay the ultimate price with their life.

Where Did We Go Wrong Again?
Forgiveness is the pulse that sustains all friendships. The most anticipated sequel of the year...Where Did We Go Wrong? left readers asking, Who got shot? Where Did We Go Wrong Again? continues immediately after the shooting. One of the beloved central characters is critically wounded and another is murdered. The bonds of friendship and love are tested after the tragedy causes all involved to make irrational decisions that complicate their lives even more. Nothing will ever be the same as everyone is forced to make monumental, life-altering decisions. Can relationships be salvaged in time to help one another through the consequences of poor judgment?

The Hustle Chronicles 1 and 2 by Blacc Topp

The Hutsle Chronicles by Blacc Topp
Julius Jr.s' childhood is far less than perfect. He is torn between his mother and father who are going thru a bitter divorce. His world is turned upside down when his father takes him from the comfort of the family home in Benton Harbor Michigan to the brutal streets of South Dallas Texas. When Julius Jr.s' family is gruesomely murdered his life takes a dramatic turn. His mother Naje moves to Texas to care for her youngest son and finds herself drawn into a conspiracy that threatens to not only take the life of her youngest son but hers as well. Roll with Julius as he grows into the ultimate hustler and unrelenting killer that the gang-ridden streets of South Dallas often breeds. where pimping, drug dealing, treachery and betrayal go hand in hand.

The Hustle Chronicles 2

With Booty Green dead and Julius Jr. being framed for his murder, Naje , Devon and Angelica scramble to keep Julius from spending the rest of his life in prison. Yellow Shoes and Rabbit want them dead, the Barrera brothers need them alive and their women just want them safe. But Devon and Julius are making more enemies than friends. Angelica is pregnant with Julius child and all she wants and needs is a normal life, but the Gage family is far from normal. They are a family caught up in lust, wrath, greed, pride, and envy. Five of the seven deadly sins that threaten to tear their family to shreds in this high powered tale of treachery, deceit and murder.

Breaking All My Rules by Trice Hickman

Real love is in a class all its own...

Born into wealth, Erica Stanford has followed in her family's successful footsteps and now runs her own upscale boutique in an affluent Washington, D.C., neighborhood. But despite her good fortune, she's still missing someone special to share her life with until a chance encounter changes everything... 

Handsome, rugged Jerome Kimbrough is hard to miss among the fellow citizens serving jury duty with Erica. And as the two get to know each other over the course of a two week trial, their relationship soon extends beyond the courtroom and into a full-on passionate romance. Although they come from opposite worlds Jerome is a working class, city sanitation employee they re both hard working dreamers with big ambitions. Yet while their differences aren't an issue for them, their friends, family and Erica's ex-fiance disagree. As all involved are forced to confront their hidden stereotypes, can Erica and Jerome endure the challenges in store for them including a startling secret from their pasts?... 

"I can't wait to see what Trice Hickman does next!" --Mary Monroe, New York Times bestselling author 

Praise for Trice Hickman s Playing the Hand You re Dealt

"Unforgettable characters and a page-turning storyline." Lutishia Lovely

"Another wonderful, emotionally-charged page-turner by Trice Hickman." Urban Reviews

"Will keep you guessing straight through to the explosive ending." Victoria Christopher Murray

Friday, March 22, 2013

True Love

I can't believe it's been 11months, since we have been dating. Even though we have our ups and downs, I wouldn't trade you for the world. I love the way you always keep it real with me, and don't hold anything back. I love the way you hug me, and tell me that you love me. Also the way you get mad when you can't have your way. Even though the past few weeks have been rocky. I love you, and i'm glad to have someone as special as you in my life. :-) N.M.B.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I can't believe I almost lost you twice, but God bought you back to me.  God put you on this earth again, to give you a second chance.  I broke down when I heard that news,  February will never be the same.  I was in a lot of pain, and I showed my pain differently by sharing a lot of things, especially author’s work. I'm glad God brought you back to us.  That changed a lot of things for us.  I now see things differently, and cherish a lot more things. I still cry every now and then. I could of really lost you dad, but God gave you another chance. You are a living miracle. I really love you dad!!!