Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ruckus - The Vexing by Meladi McNair

Ruckus-The Vexing
It can happen anywhere.......
Fourteen year old Parise Roberts has the perfect suburban life most teenagers dream of. A cool car, an even cooler mom, and a best friend whose potential is being monitored by top Olympic Recruiters. All of this, along with Parise’s own hopeful future as a journalist is obliterated by a single hate crime. A hate crime so atrocious that it alters her life forever. 
Soon, a swanky Parise is forced into an unstable life in a less than stellar community.
Luckily for her, a very sweet (and equally aggressive) adolescent takes Parise under her wing. Parise is immediately introduced to the girl’s family and is taught how to build a parallel life to the one she once had. The only problem with this “parallel” life is that it includes activities that Parise’s self-appointed guardian, Detective Rodd Stevens, would not approve of.
At the tender age of fifteen, Parise learns how to deceive, achieve, and relieve herself of her agony. Her favorite method of choice in alleviating pain becomes revenge.
Having garnered the underground connections necessary to do so, Parise and her new family successfully renders vengeance for the fallen. However, it isn’t long before Parise finds herself going tit-for-tat with the very bullies who started the drama that claimed her innocence. When her name becomes associated with unthinkable acts, Parise becomes desperate. But she learns that the law and the streets are unforgiving. 
Crying “wolf” is no longer effective as she has seemingly evolved from prey to predator.

This cautionary tale for teens and authority figures alike serve as entertaining, yet realistic insight at the catastrophes’ that may occur if bullying does not end.
Enter, if you dare, the mind of a bullied teen pushed too far over the edge!

Let the “Ruckus” begin.

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