Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let Me Eat or Die by Caujan Mayo!!!

Let Me Eat Or Die: 

Expert :Back At The Hotel
“Alright bitches listen up.” Jackpot spoke like a commander and chief getting ready for battle. “Tonight’s our night. Last night was good but tonight’s gonna be great. You hoes is looking like mutha fuckin stars out in this piece so there ain’t no way ya’ll not finna get money. Green Eyes, since this is the 1st time I’m setting you back down on the track since serving Payday news, it’s a good chance he gon be on you tryna get you back, riding down on you hard. If he does, just keep it hoe’n head down in pocket like a wallet and keep it pushing.”
“I know Daddy.” Green Eyes said, nodding her head up and down like she know what’s up. Jackpot continued. “Yuki, you already know how infatuated these tricks be with your fine asian ass. You’re a rare breed out here like a Yorkie in the hood, so make these tricks pay as such. Between your green eyes, and your asian persuasion,” Jackpot looked at them both. Ya’ll shouldn’t be excepting anything under $100. We playing fa big stakes out here. And the only way to hit it big is to play ta win.” After Jackpot finished up his pep talk, the hoes was motivated and eager to get his money. “We got it Daddy, we know what to do. Tonight’s gonna be good.” Yuki said, confident ready to make her money. “Hell yeah, I’m ready ta get it!” Green Eyes said, right after fixing her outfit and putting a few condoms in her purse.
“Alright hoes, well nuff talking. Go out there, do what you do and make your Daddy proud. If ya’ll have any problems, ya’ll know the number. Anything over $500 hit me up and meet me at the drop spot to break yo’ self.”
“Okay Daddy.” the hoes said, as they walked out the hotel room and headed for the track. Jackpot laid on the bed, put his hands behind his head and looked at the clock that was to his left on the dresser. 10:00 p.m. perfect timing, Jackpot thought to himself, as he felt in his bones...“this, is gonna be a good night.”

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